Gaming not root of violence

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For the longest time, I've heard people say that playing video games will cause the subjects playing them to imitate what they see or to adopt it into their psyche. I bought this theory for all of about three seconds. By this jump of logic I should be a FIFA soccer player, an NHL goalie, twice made a run at the WWF title and race Nascars under the name "Dr. Ma-go-go."

I remember the same argument used for violent television and its effects on young kids. I grew up on The A-Team. If you can find a show with more senseless violence during the 1980s, I'd like to see it. I grew up on Robocop, Terminator and such, and according to the sources, I should be a unstoppable killing machine who likes violence. Truth is, I freak out at the sight of blood (unless it's my own), I get nervous around violent people, I haven't had a fight in ages (nor do I want one), and I don't think about solving my problems with a gun.

It all depends on the subject's mental stamina and condition. Some people are just plain nuts to the point of where they'll kill a group of people and blame it on a song or a band or a game to escape the responsibility. They're already whack jobs. Chances are, if they could, they'd blame the rice krispies they had for breakfast for snap, crackling and popping the phrase "kill the innocent."

People have to be taught that violence is not the answer to life's problems (booze is, or to a lesser degree, American beer).





I love the use of the word "whack jobs"
Hit the nil right on the head

Since television, radio and other forms of mass media are undeniably a pivotal element in the formation of our culture, I would not automatically deny that they play a causal role in shaping violence's place in society.

However, for them to effectively promote a mindset of violence, the psychological stage must be set by other influences. For example, purchasing marijuana and consequent involvement with unsavory individuals can be shaped by rap music. Associations with 'blunts' and tough-guy attitudes can certainly be transmitted via the media from ghettos to suburbs.

Fantasies of shooting people can be made more vivid by playing shooting games, or even play fighting with your buddies after a few drinks.

The basic point is this: nobody, not even the more radical opponents of media violence like col. Grossman assert that video-games are a necessary or sufficient cause of violence. They can, however, play a role in proliferating harmful mindset in those already vulnerable to moving into a violent lifestyle.

Timothy, I'm assuming your a pyschology major?

Never really believed in pyschology as a real major field, because I don't believe one can stereotype and put a limit on human behavior. Understanding how the mind works is impossible as it differs from person to person, so how can you honestly apply the same standards and practices to each individual. I actually was going to be a pysch major but then at the last minute decided to go with History/Ancient History. I don't want to really debate, I just wanted to give my say, I'll be aiming for 1 editorial a week this semester.