Gauntlet angers Gazette editor, sickens also

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An editorial in the Oct. 7 Gauntlet ("A brief history, told in present tense") claims the U of C Gazette "would not run a feature about Shell Oil's involvement in Nigeria simply because Shell Oil gives this university a dump truck full of money."

For the record, no one on Gazette staff has ever been asked to print a feature on Shell Oil in Nigeria. However, if Shell Oil in Nigeria became a matter of pressing interest to the university community, then Gazette would report on it. We also provide space both for letters to the editor and for longer opinion pieces, in which faculty, staff and students can address any topic of concern to the campus.

The same Gauntlet editorial states that student journalists "have to be right" in what they print. The other essential requirement of volunteer writers is described as "fire in your belly." Given your egregious disregard for accuracy, I can only say, "Pass the Tums."

Greg Harris
Acting Editor, Gazette