Gauntlet doesn't suck, YOU suck, says reader

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Editors, the Gauntlet,

Re: "Gauntlet worse than Hitler,"

this obviously deranged little child. "You are the reason kids are killing kids?" I would suggest that perhaps it is HE who kills kids, with his acidity and tomfoolery. He does no good in this world. Whereas the Gauntlet does much good. Such as your often insightful TLFs, as I believe they are called. I wonder, has J. Svendson ever even read more than a couple pages of the Gauntlet? I suggest you take a look at what is probably the best leisure section in the city. And your headline was terrible. Hitler may have had a few food ideas but mostly bad. The Gauntlet has many good ideas and only a few minor bad ones. Such as running comics that are neither funny nor humorous. Or tasteful. I personally like Ziggy or at least did during his early years. Maybe you could run some real comics like those in the Sun or even the Herald. In color too. I was bothered by Mr. (Mrs.?) Svendson because he or she fails to understand that good journalism comes from within, not without and has he ever done any writing for you? I would like to perhaps someday. Does he even know what collectivism is? Its not just some fancy term to throw around without understanding it's complex meanings. I would counter, Mr. Svendson, or Mrs., if that is what you are, that YOU suck and your letter sucks and you should learn more about Russia. For example, did you know that Russians are among the most friendly souls on God's green earth. J. Svendson, I say you should apologize to the Gauntlet staff, the readers, and most importantly to your own begrieved soul. "An ounce of apology is worth a pound of harmony."

Alex VandenHoofd