Grand opening leaves union unimpressed

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Chartwells doled out free food across campus during its grand opening celebrations Wed., Oct. 19.

Though the independently owned Chartwells took control of University of Calgary Food Services on Apr. 29, 2005, they waited until all venues were operational before holding their grand opening.

The Passport to Taste event gave students the opportunity to taste some of what Chartwells cooks up including fries at Coyote Jack's Grill, fresh-baked cookies at The Upper Crust and Hot Smoothies at Tim Hortons in Murray Fraser Hall.

AUPE Local 52 is holding an information picket Thu., Oct. 20 to urge staff and students to participate in an ongoing boycott all Chartwells outlets. AUPE has been advocating the boycott since April when approximately 400 unionized Food Services employees saw their positions terminated in the takeover.

"We're asking people to boycott Chartwells to support people who lost their jobs," explained AUPE Local 52 Anti-Privatization Committee-member Don Sucha. "It's not meant to disrupt or stop work. It's not a strike."

Snowden said Chartwells hasn't been impacted by the boycott to any extent.

"I'm hoping that it won't affect our grand opening, but it's freedom of speech," said Snowden.

AUPE members will gather in MacEwan Student Centre to distribute information to students.