The U of C is introducing a real estate studies program to match the needs of a booming city.
Adrienne Shumlich/the Gauntlet

Haskayne launches real estate studies program

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The Haskayne School of Business will be launching a real estate and entrepreneurship studies program in Fall 2012 to cater to important housing and entrepreneurship needs in Calgary.

According to director of real estate and entrepreneurship studies Jim Dewald, the real estate industry is driven by growth, and Calgary is expected to continue to be one of the fastest growing cities in 

“Calgary is therefore a logical place to learn real estate,” said Dewald in an email interview. “It was important for the University of Calgary, and specifically the Haskayne School of Business, to take a leadership role in educating Albertans about the critical skills required for success in real estate development.”

Real estate and entrepreneurship courses were initially only going to be offered as elective courses. However, Dewald said an increasing interest in the program led it to expand. The program is available for Masters and undergraduate students in business.

“As the interest grew, other goals were added, including developing a sophisticated research program, and in developing speaker programs and opportunities for more community engagement in the issues and topics prominent in real estate development, investment, and entrepreneurship,” said Dewald. “There have been no setbacks, and to be honest I am very impressed with the constant and increasing interest and support of this initiative. Clearly there was a need from the industry’s perspective, and establishing this initiative is timely and promises to be very effective.”

There are two main areas of focus: understanding the basics and diverse sectors within real estate development and investment and real estate project analysis.

Dewald said this program is unique in that the real estate industry is heavily invested in it. There are industry-active instructors, guest presenters and use of local projects for effective teaching.

“Real estate and entrepreneurship studies is consistent with the strategic direction of the Haskayne School of Business to build up our expertise and capabilities in the field of entrepreneurship,” he said. “This initiative fits like a glove, pulling together industry need, student demand and school expertise.”