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Who is the best basketball player in the world? Is it T-Mac or Kobe? Is it Shaq, Alley-I, maybe Kevin Garnett?

ESPN's Ralph Wiley explored this issue in a December column, but he should have refocused his article in a more important direction. Mainly, are any of today's NBA players better than Teen Wolf?

Sure Scott "Teen Wolf" Howard was up against high schoolers, but he had unstoppable game. His footwork was flawless, his rebounding was outstanding, and most crucial of all, he carried his team. How does that compare to today's players?

Allen Iverson carries his team, but he hasn't carried them past the Lakers yet. The Lakers have been the class of the league, but they have two outstanding players--Shaq and Kobe Bryant.

Tracy McGrady comes closest. Much like the Wolf, Tracy has shown an inability to share the spotlight with teammates. But Teen Wolf won a title--Tracy hasn't.

Finally, Kevin Garnett. The Wolf wanted the ball at crunch time--Garnett disappears when the game is on the line. Safe to say, Teen Wolf reigns supreme. He wasn't pretty but he got it done.





kris, it's good to see that basketball still matters to someone over there!