Sweet Home Babylon

Internal Affairs

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A quick listen and Sweet Home Babylon could be erroneously lumped into the omnibus "underground hip hop" category. To do so would be hasty.

The second independent release from the Calgary-based crew Internal Affairs is less a collection of music and more a collection of viewpoints, a treatise on our times and the world around us.

With styles ranging from the classic hip hop formula of beats, cuts and rhymes to straight spoken word to folk-influenced, guitar-driven tracks to jungle; Sweet Home Babylon runs the gamut. The only common thread is the awareness and social commentary that defines every offering on this 17-track release.





This is one of the most influential albums i have heard in years... for all we know hip hop might save the world.

If you take the time to look past the label of 'underground hiphop', you'll see that this cd is truly inspiring and beautiful. It shatters walls and mixes many forms together into one. It's made me look at hiphop in a new light. Props to Internal