Interview: Come Asa Coma

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Calm Asa Coma's Jarrod Sterling and Jeff Desmeules took some time during some time during the interview with the Gauntlet to do some peppy Q and As. Here's what they said.

Gauntlet: What's your favourite album right now and in general?

Jarrod Sterling: I went and picked up TV on the Radio['s Dear Science] because everyone was talking about it. It was so over-hyped, but it's actually awesome. For an older album, I'd say Fleetwood Mac's Tusk.

Jeff Desmeules: The album I'm listening to right now is [Into Your Lungs by] Hey Rosetta. The older album I always love is Queen's Night at the Opera or Day at the Races.

G: What was the first song you learned how to play on an instrument?

JS: When I was 10, the first song I learned on guitar is by a band called America, "A Horse with No Name." It had two chords.

JD: Mine was an old Saves The Day song. It was in G, C, D over and over again.

G: What's some of your favourite gear?

JS: For me, it's this cymbal I have called Power B. Our guitarist got it for, like, $5. It's the cheapest cymbal ever made, but we used it all over the album.

JD: I stumbled across this 1968 Fender basement amp beat to hell. We like vintage amps and weird equipment.

G: If you could play a show with any band, who would it be?

JS: If it was back in the day-- even though it would be impossible-- it would be pretty bad ass to open up for the Beatles on their last concert on the roof.

JD: I'd want to play with Neil Young in his prime. If it were a newer band, I'd say Wintersleep, because they're kind of on the same page as us.

G: What is your favourite show attire?

JD: I have purple Vans, a v-neck and black jeans.

JS: I pretty much look dirty.

JD: No, you look like you rolled off a New York City subway or something.

JS: Our overall rule is no logos.

..Amanda Hu