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Hot Fuss

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I'm really getting tired of all these 'best bands in the world." I mean shouldn't you actually have to do something a little more substantial then release one strong EP to earn this distinguished designation? Apparently not, at least if we're to believe the British music press who have been giving out an orgy of accolades to hundreds of mediocre bands for quite a few years now. The Killers are just one of these bands that have received ludicrous amounts of praise from our British friends, but why?

Listening to their debut full-length, ironically titled Hot Fuss, I can't find one thing that could be called original, compelling or even interesting. What Hot Fuss does offer is eleven songs that sound like watered-down radio friendly versions of The Strokes and Hot Hot Heat. What the Killers do is take elements from those two bands, discard the aspects that actually make them fun then piece them together to make songs that can best be described as bland and forgettable. I mean ripping off other artists is a tried and true tradition in music, but you really shouldn't rip off bands that are only a few years old.

Where the Strokes sound entirely too cool to care about making a good record and Hot Hot Heat's manic energy makes it impossible not to love them, the Killers come across sounding timid and almost apologetic, as if they know the whole Hot Fuss surrounding them isn't justified.





Cool!! i love the killers and all of their songs on the album Hot Fuss they're soooo cool!!!

the killers rock so just because you dont lyk them doesnt mean yuo can go around and say they are copying off hot hot heat and the strokes on the internet uggh.........

You'll forgive me, Mr Paulson, for suggesting that this is a weak attempt to explain the 'Hot Fuss' surrounding The Killers. Perhaps you do not understand that they are truly individual people whose song's rythm have vibrated through many a club's walls, car's doors or bedroom's floors. The support for this band has only one explaination. And that explaination is that this 'bland and forgettable' band makes good music.

rock on lana maree you're doing a better job then that fellow!! Killer's rock!

If I come off sounding rude, forgive me, but I am entirely and completely offended by this ridiculous article!

As you claim, "ripping off other artists is a tried and true tradition in music", and assuming that you believe this is true, you have no room to insult the band for having a similar sound to the other two listed. "...originality consists of the achievement of new combinations, and not of the creation of something out of nothing." This quote from Richard V. Clemence, and it is hard to dispute.

How do you expect any band or artist in this century to come up with his own masterpiece that has nothing to do with outside resources? What is life but outside resources mixed with personal opinion?

Therefore, I ask you sir, how is it possibly a musical sin for the Killers to do just what all great artists do? They do not "rip off" other music, nor do they "discard the aspects that actually make the [music] fun," as you so bitterly concluded.

Music is subjective, dear. But judging music should not be based on the fact that the music is not one hundred percent original in it's style or sound.

Your writing, if I may give my opinion, is unoriginal; it can best be described as "bland and forgettable" as a result of its lackluster, lazy throw off of brain spewage. It seems to me that you simply went through stream of consciousness, ranting and throwing randmocities out for us all to be rendered speechless at.

But this letter is not about your writing skills.

This evaluation says nothing about the band's talent. It simply states a universal fact that is repeated throughout history. Perhaps an attempt at the overall sound of the music that they produce would prove useful.

Finally, in your last paragraph, you have somehow managed to outdo yourself. You comment on the originality of The Killers, packing an "apologetic and timid sound" in comparison to The Strokes and Hot Hot Heat. At the same time, you criticize their mediocrity. Wow, Mr. Paulson, you've really done it this time.


OK..If you don't like the killers U SUCK!!! They're rockin awesome!!

I thought that this album rocked it's a little bit of the cure and a little bit of duran duran, and for someone who loves 80s music this album is everything you could ask for!

omg! you loser! the Killers rock!!!!!! i no i may be obsessed wiv rock but still! they rok n ne1 hu thinks ther stupid is an imbasill! xxx

k, the killers rock, but you guys who say you like them probably dont even know the songs that arnt played on the radio, or all the words, or the names of the people that sing them..i bet your bottom dollar you dont, and you probably dont know what song i just made a reference to, if you say you like somthing, maybe you should know a little bit a bout the band.

THE KILLERS KICK ASS MAN I'M GOING O BUY EVERY CD THEY COME OUT WITH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the killers are friggin awesome, maybe you just have no taste in music because THEY ARE THE FRIGGIN BEST!

Hot fuss is a revolutionary album, that directly caused many, many bands to be signed. I have listened to hot fuss at least 50 times and each of the songs are brilliant. This is the only album that i can never get sick of, no matter how many times i listen to it.