Even though the site was deemed safe, the photographer still wasn't allowed to get any closer for a better picture
Adam Berti/the Gauntlet

KNES and MSC evacuated

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Den patrons, concert-goers at the Metric show and Gauntlet staff alike were evacuated from MacEwan Student Centre close to midnight Wed., Oct. 27.

A chlorine leak linked to the Kinesiology Aquatic Centre brought numerous Calgary Emergency Medical Services vehicles, as well as Calgary Police, Fire Department, the Hazardous Materials Team and the Regional Decontamination Unit to the University of Calgary campus.

"There was concern with chlorine gas and we're just taking the precautionary measures," said Campus Security Supervisor Bob King, at the scene. King said no one was hurt in the Kinesiology incident and said the MSC evacuation was due to a separate incident involving cleaning products.

Both Gauntlet production and the ongoing CJSW Funding Drive were affected by the hour-long incident.

CJSW programmers were quick-thinking enough to put on a mix CD which happened to play just until the building was reopened.

Lingering fans still around after the Metric concert were evacuated from MacEwan Hall, as well as Den patrons and staff who spent the hour shivering in t-shirts and contemplating their options.

There were over 15 emergency vehicles plus campus security lined up on the University Gate road in front of the Dining Centre.

Campus Security confirmed that both KNA and MSC were declared safe but refused to comment further on the incident before press time.