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Le May Doan is Le May done

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You've surely already heard--it's been in every major newspaper except ours until now--but the Gauntlet would be remiss if it didn't acknowledge the fact that Canadian speed skating legend Catriona Le May Doan has retired.

Last week, at a press conference held at the University of Calgary, a teary-eyed Le May Doan ended her 23-year career--and what a fruitful career it was.

Le May Doan's achievements are numerous and impressive. Two Olympic gold medals in the 500m, one Olympic bronze in 1,000m, three-time Canadian Female Athlete of the Year, the Lou Marsh Award as Canada's Athlete of the Year, World Champion at the 2002 World Sprint Championships in the 500m and a multitude of world records and World Cup medals.

A fixture on the U of C campus for years, Le May Doan has affected the lives of many. You would be hard pressed to find a student who had not seen her smiling face at one point or another around campus. Her absence will be felt.