Letter: A beautiful life

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

How can we save the beauty in this world? We live in a world suffocating on it's own greed, choking on the desire to have material things and money. A world obsessed with instant gratification. A world blinded to the future and filled with short-sighted people who can't see two feet in front of their own faces. How can we survive with the corruption and greed of our world? This world has the most beautiful things to offer us, but these days people can't see the forest for the trees. Honour is scoffed at and viewed as weak, yet it is invaluable to those who know its strength. Love is seen as something that can't be obtained, so our youth has gone down the unfulfilling path of promiscuity. Love--true, unbridled, passionate love is fading, but when you see it in a couple, you feel the exhilaration of knowing it's still alive. Chivalry is nearly gone, but it is not yet lost. Friendships have become weak and shallow, yet love for fellow man is seen in the eyes of the friend who would give his life for his friend.

Animals live in terror of man, for we have wreaked havoc on their homes, yet we have set aside national parks and passed laws to try and save them. We can make a difference, but time is against us. We need to protect our planet. It is the only one of which we know that contains that essential thing--life. The most beautiful thing about being on this planet is life. Life is all around you. Life is in you. I know one letter is probably not going to make a difference and one man may not make a difference, but I will define success as leaving this world a better place than it was before I entered it. The few of you that read and understand this can do the same. Believe it.

Jared "Sharkman" Rowell