Letter: A Couple Clarifications

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: "Gonna have to face it, you're addicted to porn," Fiona McLay, Feb. 8, 2007]

In response to Fiona McLay's article on the Porn Nation event last week, I'd like to clarify a few oversights. She writes, "The posters advertising the event gave nothing away, simply stating the title of Leahy's presentation, 'Porn Nation,' along with the date, time and location." While some posters only gave this information, many also included a description of the event as a "multimedia, live- speaker presentation focusing on the question, 'How does living in a hypersexual culture affect our relationships, and how we see ourselves and others?'"

In response to the student's comment, "I felt as though I had been tricked into a sermon. I enjoyed the discussion, but I would have liked to have known it would be religious," I would like to clarify that Leahy announced a four-minute intermission while also stating that the part of the presentation that would follow would touch on the spiritual side of this issue. As well, the sponsorship from Campus for Christ, Navigators and Victory Campus Ministries was placed on all of the advertising, so if the student had done a bit of research, s/he would have discovered that it would be (at least in part) a "religious" event.

Carly Kirchmaier