Letter: Dismiss Tom Flanagan

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

Dear University of Calgary President Elizabeth Cannon,

Earlier this week, a University of Calgary professor appeared on CBC television's "Power and Politics with Evan Solomon" and used his precious airtime on our publicly funded national broadcaster to openly advocate outright political assassination (or as some prefer to call it, first degree murder). With regards to the life of Julian Assange, the political science professor clearly stated that [American President Barack] Obama should "put out a contract and maybe use a drone or something."

I am sure you would agree that Tom Flanagan's comments are well beyond any reasonable interpretation of the right to free speech in this country and are not acceptable coming from someone who is entrusted with the very serious responsibility of teaching at a publicly funded university.

To be clear, Tom Flanagan's comments are extremely damaging to the U of C's reputation in the eyes of ordinary Alberta taxpayers such as myself. If the university's president and department heads are willing to tolerate or support a professor's incitement to commit murder on broadcast television, then I will have truly lost all faith in the university and its so-called leadership.

As a concerned citizen of the province of Alberta, I demand to know what disciplinary action will be taken against professor Tom Flanagan. Personally, I believe Mr. Flanagan should be dismissed from his post as U of C professor before someone gets hurt or killed because of his cavalier attitude.


Mike Baran





Tom Flanagen is a mental midget. As an alumnus of the UofC, I have written the president directly and have told her to never bother soliciting money from me ever agian, unless Flanagen is fired.

You would think that such a wise guy would take note that if there are people out there who can take down Visa and Matercard (to name a few), airing his dirty laundry, and perhaps UofC\'s wouldn\'t really be an issue.

Watch out Tom

Hey, #1:
\"Watch out[,] Tom\"?

Are you threatening the life of a public figure using an international media forum here?

@2, Obviously it was only a glib comment. Glibness is okay in Canada.

@1, Say you\'re joking and just loling around and neither the law nor the university can touch you!

Join this growing coalition to fire Tom Flanagan from U of C

@#5: Care to explain how advocating vandalism or destruction of others\' property meets your commitment to \"act in ways that are ethical and legal\"?


To all the haters:

Please enumerate the manner in which the comments under discussion have undermined every one of Dr. Flanagan\'s previous professional actions.

Also, please provide complete lists of your own professional activities, and any mistakes you may have made that may or may not be related to such professional activities in the view of arbitrary outsiders, and resign yourselves from your professions if you\'ve ever made any mistakes.

-Single Standard

Sure we\'re still talking about this. Convicting a politically unpopular critic in the media based on a superficial analysis under the guise of democracy is an action that a few people can and should feel useful about.

Who cares if making an ineffective and public stink about an issue supported by 0.01% of the population marginalises all future attempts to organize grassroots actions about more substantial topics such as working conditions for support staff, no bid contracts for major document management systems, or the systematic underprovision of teaching or study spaces, when you could be part of trolling the story?