Letter: Harper ought to be ashamed

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

I would like to compliment our Prime Minister on lending out his jet for the evacuation of our citizens from the embattled areas of Lebanon, but quite frankly that would be like complimenting a fellow that witnesses a car crash, but rather than aiding the victims of the crash, he starts to clean the roadway of debris so motorists can continue their commute. I am ashamed. I am ashamed as a person who firmly believes in peace, I am ashamed as a Canadian, and I am ashamed as a human being. Many Israelis have been murdered and ten times as many Lebanese. Worse yet they are being killed in war crimes. Both sides are commiting these crimes and they need to be stopped.

Stephen Harper, you should be ashamed. We could place pressure on the U.S to reduce their arms shipments to not only the Middle East but the rest of the world. We could follow the example of the incredibly brave Christian Peacemakers and place ourselves in harm's way as human shields to promote peace and help the people of Lebanon and Israel feel that they are not alone and their suffering is being heard. Our Prime Minister should've been on that jet and when they arrived amidst the shells and bombs he should've gotten off and placed himself in harm's way until a ceasefire was initiated. He should be our example ­--an example for all Canadians to emulate and be proud of. I don't feel that.

Steven Vaivada





I think Canadians are changing in a progressive way and we will soon join countries like Sweden & Switzerland. As people we are evolving and want to become a Neutral country. I hope Stephen Harper starts recognizing WHO he is representing. I think it is an honor to represent our country, I hope he condemns war in the Middle East because once it gets out of control it will be too late. Canadians want to be peaceful leaders that lead by example.

I think this is a fantastic letter that captures my sentiments and those of many true Canadians across the country. We have always had pride in the ability of of country and our soldiers to go into an international situation with peace, effective communication and compromise on the forefronts of their minds. This is one of the reasons Canadians are loved the world over (Europe is a great example), yet US citizens tend to be snubbed. We care and believe in long term, peaceful solutions. The international community appreciates our contributions, our strength and leadership capabilities. Mr. Harper needs to remember the foundations of Canadian pride and identity. It is integral that we move forward in a non-offensive manner wherever possible, as opposed to condoning violence as retribution. The loss of thousands of INNOCENT lives on all sides is an unacceptable price to pay.
On a side not, our soldiers are capable, well-trained, and should be respected and revered. Lets make sure we are putting them where they should be, and giving them the supplies and support they need in the field, and when they come home.