Letter: Pipe dreams

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: "Legalize by 2010," Ændrew Rininsland, Apr. 3 Gauntlet]

Canada spends more than twice as much money per person in the Canadian prisons as the USA.

Thus, American prisons are more than twice as bad.

Optimism in your column is based on an opinion that the fascist plutocracy--and fascist police state--are not going to get worse and worse, but somehow, are going become better and better.

With almost every problem, one wants to look at what represents some kind of rising or declining exponential growth curve. Social polarizations, stretching and stretching, until snapping through a psychotic breakdown, in my view, is more probable than amelioration.

The underlying issue is one's attitude towards the fact that North America is really run as a worsening fascist plutocracy and police state. If one thinks that is some kind of mistake, then one might think of some corrections. However, if one thinks it was deliberate evil, then the opinion it will fix itself becomes more like irrational hopes for political miracles.

The history is clear, as the statistics show.

However, the future of this exponential growth is more likely to be a collapse into chaos. Canada is more likely to pass the Bill C-26 and the Canadian drug war will become worse, than the U.S. becoming any less fascist.

My personal predictions for 2010 are based on Bill C-26 being law in Canada, which will result in doubling all cannabis arrests, making 90 per cent of the drug war against pot and 50 per cent of the whole of this criminal "justice" system being used on pot prohibition.

By 2010, I expect the real world to be much more insane, not any more rational |than it is at the present time.

The reason I believe this is that the construction of a fascist police state is not an accidental mistake, but is deliberate, planned evil.

In my opinion, it is necessary to understand the fascist plutocracy to understand the pot prohibition that fits inside of those systems.

The more one knows about that, then the worse and worse it looks.