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Editor, the Gauntlet,

[Re: "Not every cookie fits the mold," Emily Senger, Nov. 23, 2006]

Emily Senger's editorial was shared on an intersex group website and as an intersexed person I thought I'd add a comment. I live in Rochester, NY where there are very few handicapped/gender-neutral public bathrooms. When they are available I don't bother to use them and if they were available everywhere I still wouldn't. I look like any other man until I take my pants off and all bathrooms are usable by any/every anatomical variation there is. You see, gender-neutral bathrooms aren't something that helps us, it doesn't give us something we need, they're not for us. It's not convenient for me to search all over a building for a special bathroom when I can use the toilet stall in the men's room. Gender-neutral bathrooms are for the benefit of people who have deep prejudices and biases against people who look androgynous and don't want to have to share a bathroom with people whose gender isn't instantly obvious to them. I would suggest that seeing as they are the people with the problem that they use the handicapped/gender- neutral bathrooms.

Intersexed, transsexual and transgendered people know who/what we are. We know which gender bathroom is right for us, and it makes no difference what is between our legs because we are in privacy in any bathroom stall. No one will actually see my micro penis or ever know that I also have a vagina in a public bathroom, and this is very true about everyone. We aren't the ones who are confused, disturbed or shocked if we have an unusual appearance. Frankly, I've seen plenty of ordinary males who look much more androgynous than I. There is something wrong with people setting themselves as gender police at the doors of bathrooms denying entrance to those who don't pass their idea of who looks woman or man enough to enter. Let them go searching for the special bathroom and leave us alone, please.

Jim Costich





A unisex restroom solves a multitude of problems. It allows a man dressed as women to use a restroom without upsetting other occupants. They also allow an opposite sex care provider to accompany a special needs person. Multiple unisex restrooms also solve the 'potty parity' problem.

See www.americanrestroom.org/family/


I would have to disagree with you, a unisexed "rest"room would cause a multitude of problems.

@Sylvia: Really now? Like what? And if you try to bring in your one-note "Well, it just makes them more confused" argument, it will be even more obvious you have absolutely no leg to stand upon.

Well, what about Jim Costich point of view (I'll use his leg to stand on)? It seems that if anyone should have a say if he/she needs this type of facility, it is the people in whose name this is being done? Right? And if he says he does not need this, then who does and why?

That's true post #5, but then how many people who are transgendered, etc. really want this?

And also, you and the others do not answer my question of who really wants this and why, since there has been an implication that transgendered people do not? We need to take this possibility into account too.

Dearest Sylvia,


I have warned you repeatedly and yet you persist. Spamming no less than three pages with a blatant advertisement is the last straw.

As well, you're deceiving yourself if you believe you're being oppressed for your views or beliefs. If you had not acted like a complete and utter tool you would still be allowed to post here.

Direct any questions or complaints to /dev/null, and have a beautiful day.


Here's what I think about Unisex bathrooms. Either, make all bathrooms unisex, or don't do it at all. If we make some bathrooms unisex and not others, we are creating a second class of people too freaky for the normal bathroom. Really, it's not transsexuals who are looking for unisex bathrooms anyways, they would rather use the bathroom of their prefered gender. But if that makes people uncomfortable to have a few members (temporarily) of the opposite sex in their bathroom, then maybe we should just allow all people of both sexes to use any bathroom. But as soon as we have segregated bathrooms for transsexuals, we are dehumanising them. As for transvestites and dragqueens, they aren't going to school crossdressed, so they're not even an issue; if transvestites were going to school crossdressed, they would be forcing their sexual fetish on others and then we would have to let nudists come to school naked or let exibitionists have sex in the library.