Liberals win Ralph's riding

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Not long after King Ralph's reign ended, his throne was reupholstered red.

Alberta Liberal candidate Craig Cheffin was elected in the former premier's riding of Calgary-Elbow as a result of the provincial by-election Tue., Jun. 12. A notoriously conservative riding--since its creation it's only been held by a conservative--the switch is significant but not shocking.

Dominant issues throughout the campaign were healthcare, infrastructure, and education.

"I think the Stelmach government sees the Mayor's outcry on certain issues as affecting a limited number of Calgarians," said Cheffin. "The province needs to realize that these are serious issues that I'm hearing on the doorstep of Calgarians, and I intend to provide a voice for those people."

Cheffin said Calgarians sent a strong message to the Stelmach government.

"This election was about the voters and their concerns first and foremost," said Cheffin.

Students' Union vice-president external Mike Selnes was impressed with the amount of attention post-secondary education received over the course of this election.

"The more we can get post-secondary issues discussed the more we stand to gain," said Selnes.

Cheffin agreed that more discussion about PSE issues would be a positive change.

"[The Alberta Liberals] believe in advanced education, that it benefits not only the student but society as a whole," said Cheffin. "We know that innovation and leadership will be a direct result of that investment."