Maclean’s rankings

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Maclean’s magazine released its annual university rankings on November 1 that looks at the pros and cons of Canadian post-secondary institutions. The University of Calgary is not always at the top of Maclean’s university rankings. However, according to Maclean’s, the 
U of C is improving.

The U of C is ranked eighth out of 15 in the medical doctoral ranking, with McGill, the University of British Columbia and the University of Toronto in the top three, respectively. 

For comprehensive rankings, Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria and Waterloo University placed in the top three. 

The U of C has shown improvement in the areas of total research dollars, budgeting, library acquisitions, reputation and awards and grants. Maclean’s uses six categories to measure post-secondary institutions: reputation, students and classes, library, resources, student support and faculty. 

According to Students’ Union president Hardave Birk, the U of C is making a lot of headway in becoming a competitive university in Canada.

“My understanding about Maclean’s rankings is that, as changes are made on campus, it takes a couple years before those changes are registered in their measurements,” said Birk. 

Birk said that Maclean’s rankings can give the U of C a reference point on reaching the Eyes High strategic goal to be a top-five post-secondary institution in Canada by 2016.

“It puts us in a good position to make it to top-five by 2016. I think we’re competitive, we’re right in the middle of the pack for universities in Canada, and with some of the things that have been announced at the U of C over the past few years and months . . . those are the types of things that will help us move up,” he said, speaking about the new teaching and learning institute and the addition of faculty members and researchers.