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Step 1: Grasp the paper firmly and fold it widthwise.

Make your own Pope hat!

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Indulge in the miracle of fashion by making your very own accessories! All you need to get started is this very issue of the Gauntlet.




I've been trying to usurp the pontiff for months now, but his pesky Swiss Guard keep an incredibly strict watch over his quarters. Now I can sneak past in my new hat and they'll never know it's not JP2. I shall now control millions of souls! Chortle! Thanks gauntlet.

This was an awesome hat plan, but even with A3 size paper, the hat was too small to effectively wear. In the morning I'll try with A2 or even A1.


Step 5 is a bit misleading, I thought it meant only fold it in as far as the flaps, not fold the whole side in half, it took me a while to figure out.

Awesome hat design. I did it with a standard letter size paper, but it's way too small to wear. I then made a sheet of duct tape 24" x 31" and used the folding instructions. Worked like a charm. Thanks!

hello there fellow christians
this is the pope
i LOVE my hat stop trying to steal it!!!
lots of christian love
the pope himself

Thank you very much for these simple instuction on how to make your own pope hat. You see i am the first special ed pope so far and i have trouble following instructions unless they are written in Pope language like these are. I AM THE POPE!!!
Pope Conjunction the 1st

Thank you so much for these really easy and simple instructions to follow to make your own Pope hat =) very helpfull. Especially seening im a special ed person so i need easy steps to follow. Now i can waer my Pope hat to school in our Pope area Conjunction and i clamed yessss
Thanks again Pope hat maker

thankyou so much for helping me,
i really liked the traditional pope hat and always wondered where i could purchase one, but now i dont need to!
You guys deserve an award for what you do :)
i really feel that this has helped me,
and as a male part of the community i really appriciate the fact you are supporting me, so thankyou, man.
by the way,
way to go with the tips!
they were so easy to follow it was like going to the toilet!
I seriously appriciate the fact you have put in the time and effort to tell people how to make the hats,
good look in the future!


i was very excited when i found out i could make a pope hat, however i am mentally retarded so i couldnt follow the simple instructions and ended up with something that looked like a crashed and broken paper aeroplane!!!

I think the easiest pope hat to make is with an overnight mailing envelope. These are usually made of tyvek, so they don't tear.

All you do is turn the envelope inside out so that inside is on the outside, and the outside is on the inside. Then if you squash in the long sides while pushing down the center of the closed end, the original corners become the points on the top of the mitre. If you've done it right, the creases that were the top and bottom edge of the envelope are actually in the front and back of the hat where the point is the highest. I have even used the bubble envelopes for a cool effect.

I am not pleased. God shall smite the creators of these instructions. They are not popely at all!

May God be with you (except for the stupid people who tried to explain this).

-The Popiest Pope

I Flapped About Like A Fish After Making The Awesome Pope Hat