The Story of Your Life

Matthew Barber

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Despite the seemingly endless amounts of infinitely repeated choruses courtesy of Kiss, the mercifully timed fadeout followed by a kick in the face when it fades back in, classic rock radio stations do play some good music. It takes a lot of resilience to sit through all that Trooper and Van Halen waiting for those truly "classic" gems to emerge, but it can be well worth it.

At least, that's what Matthew Barber has taught me.

The Story of Your Life mixes all the wonderful elements of classic rock with enough indie undertones to somehow satisfy both Nickelback rockers and the most adamant non-mainstream advocate.

"Landline" is a perfect example of how Barber can effortlessly create songs that are simultaneously radio and music snob-friendly. The song opens sounding similar to Staggered Crossing's hit "Further Again," only to take a left turn and become reminiscent of ...And you Will Know us by the Trail of Dead's "Intelligence," before switching gears yet again to some post-grunge that actually doesn't suck.

The classic rock elements of this six-song EP are used delightfully to accentuate the lyrics which rarely (read: never) stray from the realm of relationships. The music is delivered so well and with just the right amount familiarity where occasional bad lines such as "What is this heart for?/Pumping blood/Circulating love" are not only easily forgiven, they fit right in.