New Head Coach Kevin Brost (Right) hopes to turn around the team with the help of Assistant Coach Alison Ramsley.
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If it looks like first-year Dinos women's hockey Head Coach Kevin Brost has an extra jump in his step as the hockey season draws near, it may be for good reason. When talking to Brost about the upcoming hockey season his views are definitely optimistic. 

At this time last season the women's hockey team was having trouble finding enough players to fill the roster; at this time there are already 45 trying out to make the squad. Each player is eager to light it up and catch one of the 19 spots on the team.  

"It'll come down to who really wants to make this team," says Brost. "None of the positions have yet to be filled."

The Dinos are hoping Brost, along with Associate Coach Alison Ramsley, can help turn the team around from last season's downslide. After struggling through last season, the women Dinos are looking to build a solid foundation on which they can improve upon. Their ultimate goal is for to move into the upper echelon of the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference.

"In a sense, we are trying to bring back the female [hockey] program--to give it a new perspective."

Although the coach won't make any predictions as to how many wins the team will put up this year--he hopes the road to the top is shorter rather then longer.  

"The strongest teams always develop out of adversity," he states.

With that said, let's hope the majority of the team's troubles are already in the past.





I've had the pleasure of meeting Ian last week at the Den, and he is as articulate in person as he is in his articles. His points are accurate and concise. It's refreshing to read an article on Women's Hockey that has been written by a man who knows what he's talking about...

And he's hung like a horse...



Hey, howz it goin. I would have to say your article was pretty kick ass seeming it is the first one I have seen from you. I think I have seen you around the Den with Mike A and I must say I like what I see. I hope to bump into you at the Den but I hope it is more then just a bump, especially after what Jennifer said about you. Hoep to see you very soon ;)