Travis (left) and Kristopher Todd.
courtesy Nicole Todd

A message from the Todd family

University community mourns brothers' passing

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Jokesters, outdoorsmen, confidants, sons, brothers--that is what was lost with the passing of Kristopher Ryan and Travis Fraser Todd over the past weekend.

Sat., Dec. 2, 2006, Kristopher, 27, and Travis Todd, 21, passed away tragically. Kris and Travis were discovered by two family friends at the family's hunting shack in Southern Alberta. An autopsy on Monday confirmed that both carbon monoxide and hypothermia contributed to their death. They passed away doing what they loved--hunting and helping others.

Kristopher was in his fifth year of studies in electrical engineering at the University of Calgary. Kris graduated from the Lethbridge Collegiate Institute in 1997 and completed a diploma in building mechanical systems technology in 2000. After two years working at an engineering firm in Lethbridge he decided to return to university to complete an engineering degree. During the summers, he worked as a mechanical engineering technologist at engineering firms in Calgary.

Kris enjoyed learning, worked hard at his studies, and was amazing at balancing work and play. He always found time to go camping, skiing and hunting. He loved the outdoors, and as long as it wasn't minus 40 or plus 40 he was outside. Since high school he volunteered with the Canadian Disabled Skiers Association as a ski instructor.

Travis was in his fourth year of studies in geology at the U of C. He graduated from the Lethbridge Collegiate Institute in 2003. He joined his brother and sister at the U of C and took general science courses before becoming interested in geology. In high school, Travis joined the Reserve Forces in the Canadian Military. He was afforded the opportunity to train in Gagetown, New Brunswick, specializing in artillery and transport. In March 2006 he considered serving in Afghanistan; ultimately he decided to finish his studies first.

Travis worked part-time as a security guard for the Calgary Health Region. He was an avid outdoorsman--he loved hunting, camping, skiing and water sports. He was also involved with the Canadian Disabled Skiers Association.

Travis was independent, passionate and conscientious. Kris was charismatic, sensitive and humorous. Together they were unstoppable. The "buddies," as their dad called them, brought fun wherever they went. Onlookers to their escapades never left without a good story to pass along. Whether the day went poorly or well they always came out smiling.

Their love, zest for life, and ear-to-ear grins will be dearly missed. Kristopher and Travis are survived by their parents Jennifer and Dennis Todd, and their sister Nicole Todd (24).

Those who knew Kris and Travis are invited to attend a memorial service Fri., Dec. 8, 2006 at 11 a.m. in the Martin Brothers Riverview Chapel, 610 4 street south, Lethbridge, Alberta. A reception will follow the service at the Martin Brothers Riverview Chapel.

Memorial scholarships in ge-ology and engineering have been set up at the U of C. In lieu of flowers, donations are being accepted in the names of both Kristopher and Travis. Cheques can be made payable to: The University of Calgary, Development Office CHD 626, 2500 University Drive NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4. For more information, please contact Jodi Weidman at 220-4399 or by email at




Travis aka 'Trav' became a good friend of mine during the short time that I knew him. It was quite funny how I met him. I was at a party at another buddies house and my best friend introduced me to him. At the time he was dating my ex girlfriend and instead of being jealous, we ended having a beer and sharing some laughs. Ever since then, we just became closer, I could talk to him about pretty much anything like I could any close friend and we continued to share many laughs.

When I was attending the Univeristy of Lethbridge, since that was his home town, he always would stop by my dorm and come to visit me. One time he came to see me, he was coming over just after finishing a day of hunting. So I am in my room and I hear a scream from the girls that were sitting in my living room. I ran over to see what was up and surely enough it was Trav covered in blood from hunting, holding a "Crocodile Dundie" sized hunting knife and his classic grin. I could not stop but laugh and to this day those girls, who are also good friends of mine still talk about his enterance.

He truely was an outdoorsmen and would always talk to me about how much he loved it. Some of my buddies and I were discussing that in his memory, we will have his geology rock hammer engraved, hike up one of the mountains that he used to hike up and place this rock hammer at the top.

Anyways, as I said, I did not know him long, in fact I met only in 2nd year univeristy. However, he was truely a close friend of mine and I will never forget him.