Molly Johnson, Another Day


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Slow, mellow beats and well-paced piano underneath Molly Johnson's smooth, refined voice make Another Day more than just a standard collection of lounge-jazz tracks. With everything you'd expect from a veteran musician--after all, Johnson has lent her voice to the likes of Big Sugar, Tom Cochrane and Jeff Healy--the album gives listeners a wide range from which to gauge Johnson's abilities.

Johnson's sophomore release, Another Day is filled with sax, accordion, clarinet, flute and a whole host of other instruments to add to the standard grand piano you might expect her to play in a smokey, dark club in days gone by. And while this can be to the detriment of some jazz efforts, Johnson keeps a minimalist approach in each song, letting them write themselves naturally without complication.

More than just another jazz recording, Another Day is a fresh look at a style already better with age.