News flash: Ben Mulroney an asshole

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"Jamie Foxx! Canada wants to know... now that you've been doubly nominated for best actor, are you doubly nervous?"

- Ben Mulroney, Host of Canadian Idol, eTalk Daily, to Jamie Foxx on the red carpet of the 2005 Academy Awards.

When Ben Mulroney, son of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney let this coil of verbal excrement slide from his lips last Sunday, a million questions painfully exploded in my mind. First and foremost: How does somebody this balefully stupid even manage to breathe? Is so much of his guppy-transplant brain devoted to the most primitive of functions that he can't even ask a real fucking question?

By some cruel twist of fate, he manages far more than breathing. Somehow--god, somehow--he's famous. By flaunting his last name and pretty white teeth, Benny-boy managed to gain the position of "host" on a show that just barely makes the "journalistic vomit" category. Without his famous last name, Ben Mulroney would probably be sitting in a gutter with a pile of empty whiskey bottles wondering what the hell happened, but instead he gets to shit on the airwaves every night at 10:30 p.m. (Central Time). Is being the son of a public figure really enough to net you a job in the public eye, especially when you're stupid enough to be infectious?

The answer is simple, and pathetic. Like Paris Hilton, Ben Mulroney is another sad example of celebrity status perpetuating celebrity status. They have no right to be famous. They're not smart, talented or funny. The only reason we talk about them is because they're talked about. It would be pushing the envelope to say these people have a right to exist, but for Ben Mulroney to represent Canadian journalism at an event watched all over the world just offends reason.

It almost made my eyes bleed when the host of fucking eTalk daily was the only Canadian journalist at an event as big as the Academy Awards, but it made my heart ache for our once-proud nation when I realized he was the only real choice. He's a douche-nozzle for a lot of reasons, but the Jay Leno-looking motherfucker really is the most well-known entertainment journalist in Canada. Some have even said he'll soon replace Don Cherry as "Canada's face to the world," and sadly, they may even be right. Come on folks, how the hell did we let this happen? Is this really the best we can come up with? We invented insulin, basketball and Superman, and now our "face to the world" is Ben-fucking-Mulroney? We should be ashamed of ourselves.




Now why didn't *I* think of this sooner? Thanks for taking all the words from my mouth, Francis, now who am I going to pick on, Jon Dore?

When did swearing become cool again? And "douche-nozzle"?

Good grief. They must have lowered the admissions average for U of C again.


If your goal in that post was to throw a feeble insult at my intelligence, then congratulations, you've succeeded.

However, if you really do have a problem with the way I wrote the editorial, or with the content itself, I encourage you to email me or come up the Gauntlet offices any time so we can discuss it.

As a reader of the Gauntlet, I really do respect your oppinion on anything I write that gets printed , and would be more than happy to talk to you about any criticisms or grievances you have with it. The paper is put out for you, and if your unhappy, then I'm unhappy.

Please, if you would like to have an adult discussion about this, feel free to drop me a line, or just come on up the the office.

Bravo..on all accounts. Your confrontation skills are amazing...will you marry me?

What would we do without the Gauntlet taking our hands and pointing out the obvious?

Next week: News flash! Rich and famous do not always deserve wealth and fame.

what would we do without people posting their opinions, period?

NEWSFLASH....You are posting your opinion, much like the writer did....

Without the Mulroney name he wouldn't qualify to be a squeegee kid.

I agree with pretty much everything that this says except for the swearing as it is important to get these issues out and get Ben Mulroney off the air. I would like to join any site that wishes to get rid of him. Please anyone email me to let me know where I can sign up !


There's something about seeing Mulroney and Tanya Kim on television that makes me want to sit back with a bottle of beer and smash it on my head until I lose consciousness.

You really don't seem to know what you're talking about. While it is certainly fair to cricisize Mulroney for his involvement in shitty journalism, it is really unfair to call the man stupid.
Glad you asked.
1. He has a law degree from a school of note and presitige.
2. He is an accomplished chef.
3. He graduated from Duke University with honours, earning a degree in history.
4. He is completely bilingual; fluent and articulate in French and English.

Such accomplishments are impressive, and reveal that Mulroney is clearly anything but stupid.

Stick to what you know, or at least learn to use Google.

The fact that Benny has a law degree does not make him smart. I don't know about you but I've met some pretty stupid lawyers. Besides the fact that it only proves that he has just lived a priveledged life. He probably only got into university because his name. I'm sure his daddy's money helped a little too. Point being just because your educated it doesn't mean you're innately smart.

I agree with the everything you said Kyle including the swearing. It adds passion. lol
I have to wonder how many celebs do I see in gowns "graduating" from some school they didn't even attend.
I personally would rather watch slugs mate than Dickhead Ben on my tube. Matter of fact, I'm proud to admit, I've never listened to more than five words come from his gob. Pheww that felt good.

It's sad when, past poltical power can buy you some sort of stardom.Though when I see his face, all I see is bought advertising. Look-out Canada.

like the old saying: like father, like son

now we have two idiot mulroneys.......do I hear three????????

Now that we know how crooked Brian Mulroney is, can we get rid of Ben. The only reason he's around is because of his slime-bag daddy. He must go.


Daddy and his 'Associates' invested in CTV, that's how Ben got the gig.

Only reason Ben Mulroney got his TV gog (s) is because Brian-Daddy and 'associates' invested in media and entertainment industry.

You honestly have nothing better to devote your time to? Ben Mulroney rocks, deal with it. Maybe you should focus your attention on bigger and more important issues in the world.

yea I just heard that when this guy takes a shower he only uses the bar of soap once, then throws it away. He was born with a silver spoon. Why he's on the air is beyond me.

Ben Mulroney is not an asshole - not really. He\'s just unqualified.
\"How does this jerk know that?\", you may ask.
Well, a qualified entertainment reporter would know all about Mickey Rourke\'s chi-hua-hua thing. At the very least, he would read up on it, if he knew that the \"Wrestler\" was coming to Toronto.
If you see Ben, can you tell him that the bracelet is for Loki, as Mickey says, his most favourite chi-hua-hua of all time. Loki went through the shit with Barfly, and atill lived to a ripe old age. At the end, Mickey was giving him mouth-to-mouth, in a vain effort to keep Loki around. The EMS guys finally had to pull him off his tiny, loyal (dead) friend.
THAT\'S show biz.
And, information like that would come in real handy, for a qualified \"e-talk\" host, if the wrestler, his own self, ever had no choice but to walk right by him - like last year.
See, that 4-legger with Rourke, on the red carpet, at TIFF, WASN\'T Loki.
Loki\'s gone, Baby. Gone.
Although it\'s too late, now, I think Ben should be told - just in case there\'s no way he\'ll ever lose his job.
Also, while you\'re at it, please tell him that that retriever the deaf, FBI chick has, on that show, ain\'t \"Old Yeller\".
Can you do that?
PS: I\'m not even a lawyer.

Kyle, the only asshole is clearly you. How the fuck can you puke your vile bullshit all over a man who has become a Canadian Icon..You think you\'re cool, but you\'re just a tool..I get nauseated by reading such venomous comments by such small-minded, insignificant unknowns like yourself. Why don\'t you pick up a spade and do some useful work instead of clogging up space with your baseless garbage..

How is it we allow Ben Mulrouney to flourish when his father is a criminal?
What is wrong with our society? Seeing him on TV brings me discust and national shame.