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Hospital re-uses syringes

Nearly 2,700 patients of a northern Alberta hospital are being tested for HIV and hepatitis following Alberta's second major case of unsafe sterilization practices since 2007. Earlier this month, a small number of nurses at the High Prairie Health Complex were observed reusing syringes to inject sedatives into endoscopy patients. Union representatives suggest staff shortages and efforts to minimize costs are possible motivators for this behavior.

Boy dies at U.S. gun show

While his father reached for a camera, eight-year-old Christopher Bizilj was killed Sunday when he lost control of a 9mm Uzi at a Massachusetts Firearms Expo. Police have ruled the incident an accident, but investigation of the fair's permits and Bizilj's instructor is ongoing. The event advertised free admission for children under 16 and free adult and child handgun, .22 pistol and rifle shooting instruction with no permits or licences required.

Recycling expands

Beginning June 1, 2009, Alberta's deposit-refund program will extend to milk-cartons as well as bottles and cans. Similar to the containers currently covered by the province's recycling program, a deposit fee will be charged at the time of purchase and refunded when the containers are recycled at depots. A five-cent across the board increase in deposit fees will be effective Nov. 1 2009. Implementation of this program is hoped to target the almost 500 million milk containers that are not recycled in Alberta each year.

The Office comes to Canada

The NBC comedy The Office surprised Canadian fans after announcing that an upcoming episode will be set in Winnipeg, Manitoba. According to writers, the capital city was chosen over Montreal or Vancouver because of its mix of the exotic and the obscure. Due to budget constraints, the episode was not filmed on location, but efforts were made by producers to import Canadian trademarks such as Old Dutch chips and The Bay shopping bags, as well as Winnipeg airport luggage tags and beer from the local Fort Garry brewery. The episode is slated to air Nov. 13.