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Encana steals Christmas

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After 25 consecutive Santa Claus parades, this year will have to be cancelled. Construction along 6th Ave. SE for a new Encana office tower is already causing congestion downtown. The building should be complete by July 2008. The city is planning to hold a Christmas event at the Olympic Plaza on Nov. 17. this year, and the parade will be back in the future. Last year's parade drew a record crowd of 60,000 people.

New police chief appointed

Rick Hanson was named the new Calgary police chief Mon., Oct. 8.

As one of his main priorities Hanson wants courts across the country to work together in handing out tougher sentences.

Police charged four men in connection with a shooting that happened Fri. Oct. 5 in Dover. One of the men charged had three firearm prohibitions from Ontario and Quebec.

"How far does this have to go before we can actually take these guys and rely on the fact that they're going to jail?" said Hanson.

Bullet train for the future!

Roughly 70 per cent Albertans recently polled by Leger Marketing said they would be happy to use a high-speed train between Calgary and Edmonton. Electric rail could possibly reduce Alberta's greenhouse gas emissions by 150,000 tonnes a year. The railway may also save lives. Between 2001 and 2005, a total of 51 people were killed while driving on Highway 2.

Locals support Myanmar monks

Approximately 45 Calgarians attended a recent protest near City Hall this past week. Buddhist monks peacefully protesting for democracy in Myanmar were shot at by government soldiers, with 13 killed and over 2,000 arrested. Communication with the out- side world was restricted after all internet access was cut off earlier this month. The protest was brought together through word of mouth.