Online Only - Letter: Nuking the notion of nukes

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Editor, the Gauntlet,

One statement really stood out for me in the recent throne speech: "Nuclear energy is a proven technology, capable of reliable, large-scale output." Nuclear is a "proven" waste of money as Ontario power consumers and taxpayers saddled with tens of billions of dollars worth of nuclear debt and numerous expensive reactor shutdowns can readily attest. It's only "reliable large-scale outputs" are toxic radioactive wastes from weaponable spent reactor fuels to mountains of radioactive mine tailings and large amounts of radioactive gasses released from uranium mines. Instead of blindly promoting nuclear, PM Harper's government should research the issues, and listen to constituents other than nuclear salesmen, also checking out C.A.U.S.E.'s (Citizens Advocating Using Sustainable Energy) nuclear-related website: nuclearfreealberta.ca so they can at least come up with more "proven" and "reliable" throne speeches.