Online Only: The Perms bring their music across the nation

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Gauntlet: What's up with the band?

John Huver: We've been going since 1998, so it's been about nine years now. The album is mixed, so right now we're starting to tour to get some tour legs for the newer material off the new album. This will be our fourth album to date, so things are pretty cool so far.

G: What are the differences of playing your music in '08 versus '98?

JH: It's a really positive experience for any indie band who's trying to get their music out there to a wider audience. I know when we first started out, it was all about postering and pamphleting. We now do that as well, but we can reach people we haven't reach before in other countries and other places through the 'net.

G: So, you guys are Winnipeg-based. You're in the centre of Canada, so, what's it like to tour on the west coast versus the east coast?

JH: The thing that we really like about being in Winnipeg is that we are in the middle of the country. We can do a west coast thing like we're doing next week or do an east coast tour. There's a lot more driving when you head out west, but the clubs out west are a lot more receptive to us. It's more of a rock 'n' roll crowd as opposed to our east. Once you get east and you get past Sudbury, all the music centres are an hour away from each other. If you go out west you need to do a serious six- or seven-hour drive between stops, which stops a lot of bands. Which is a mistake. But in the east, you can hit more stops within a shorter period of time, which is why there's more eastern touring.

G: What about the gas prices? Are you guys worried about paying a lot at the pump for when you get in the van?

JH: It makes a difference for any kind of touring band. Money is always tight and when gas prices are high, that's just another expense to bands that you have to absorb on the road. We used to take a big 'ol box van touring with us and to help take some of the sting out of the gas prices we're riding in a smaller minivan. We still want to get out there, but it's more money to do so, which really sucks. Hopefully we'll make it.