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Photo: A matter of choice?

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Christian author, speaker and professor Greg Koukl was in town Fri., Oct. 23, to ask the question “is it intolerant to say Jesus is the only way?” He spoke to staff, students and community members at Mount Royal University about the merit of religious pluralism.





He came to the U of C, too, apparently, but it wasn't advertised at all. I wasn't there to hear him speak, but I assume "merit of religious pluralism" is used tongue-in-cheek?

I attended to the debate on Saturday night and he never mentioned word "Jesus" and only mentioned word "God" when he was asked during Q&A time, not even debate. The title was, "Is there a absolute moral truth?" and nothing to do with the title you mentioned above. Please correct the title.

Gokhan, I believe you are mistaken. "Is it Intolerant to Say Jesus is the Only Way?" was the proper title of Koukl's talk at MRU Fri. Oct. 23. I am not sure what the debate you attended on a Saturday evening was.