Progressive conservative Leadership Candidate Profiles: Ted Morton

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Ted Morton is currently MLA for the Foothills-Rocky View constituency. He was previously the minister of finance and enterprise before resigning for this election. Before that he served as minister of sustainable resource development.

"Being a professor at the University of Calgary for 24 years, I have a good idea of what students are facing today," said Morton. "Tuition costs are at the forefront of student concerns."

In order to address the cost of tuition, Morton suggests a tuition tax credit program.

"Under a Ted Morton government, Alberta students will be given back up to $20,000 in tuition, in the form of tax credits, if they successfully complete their programs and then stay and work in Alberta for seven years," he said. "As premier, I will be happy to invest in young Albertans who invest in themselves."

Another issue facing young Albertans according to Morton is the environment.

"Young Albertans care about the environment and want their government to do a better job of stewardship."

Morton hopes to put the "conservation" back into "conservative."

He plans to create a fund to protect environmentally valuable lands and to build more trails and campgrounds. The fund would be called the "Go Outdoors Alberta Fund."

Morton has a detailed plan about how to do that. He plans on setting aside a percentage of the annual gaming and lottery revenues -- approximately $20 million dollars a year. He will also issue a new license plate designed by wildlife artist Robert Bateman. The license plate would cost $60.

"Thirty dollars will go to support Bateman's 'Get to Know Our Wild Neighbours Program' in Alberta schools. The other half will go to an Alberta conservationist organization of the purchaser's choice, such as the Alberta Conservation Association or Trout Unlimited Alberta."