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Report Card: Men's Basketball

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Too much. The recruiting and education processes this season were stellar. Returning hot-shots such as the all-knowing Chris Wright, the all-speedy Josh Feist and the all-defensive Brian Finniss not only proved their skills, they helped the newbies realize they had 'em too. Rookies such as Ross Bekkering, Robbie Sihota and Cody Darrah have been mentioned too many times in this newspaper. Seriously. Stop it.


Just plain too much. They turned their season around on a whim. Their improvement and potential would have been obvious, even to Helen Keller.


Awesome. Head coach Dan Vanhooren and assistant coach Wayne Thomas helped the team along by planting some up-and-comers and making the season not suck for the ones that had already sprouted. Too bad for the pesky weed named injury...


They went from 3-7 before Christmas to almost securing a central division final slot. They worked hard for that.

Overall: B

Animal: Duck-billed platypus. Awkward upon first inspection, but secretly has hidden purposes and uses that have yet to be discovered.