Rush, Vapor Trails

Rush, Vapor Trails


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"If you hated them before, you'll really hate them now!" Or so reads the slogan from a promo for the first Rush album in six years.

While this may or may not be accurate, it is true that Rush have modified their sound for their 16th release, Vapor Trails. The changes are not so radical as to frighten away their legion of hardcore fans, but modernized enough to keep themselves interested and hopefully gain some new fans in the process.

The musicianship is, of course, top-notch and is accompanied by superb production. Geddy Lee's keyboards have disappeared in favor of a more direct, guitar driven approach.

In fact, this cd is further proof that progressive rock has a proud place in the contemporary music scene. If you're in doubt, check out their Sept. 12 concert at the Saddledome. A live setting is where this trio truly shines.