Sex swings

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You've seen the ads, done the research online and joined the millions of curious sexercizers across the country by investing in a Love Swing. As you stare at it, suspended either by a large hook in your ceiling or held in the air by a portable stand, you anticipate all the possible excitement and can't wait to try this baby out. The freedom of movement and ease of motion means the Love Swing creates a new platform for sex. The different models offered on the market vary from large to small and can be utilized with a number of positions.

Credited for this sexy invention is Richard Klor who "imagine(s) a world where physical joy and spiritual faith are on friendlier terms. Where we celebrate the naturalness of sexual pleasure and sexual union." What an incredible connection you have when you are able to see each other experience the bliss of orgasm eye to eye. Some of the more practical benefits for those that enjoy sex, the Love Swing gives relief to back pain sufferers, assists in prenatal exercises and helps facilitate pleasure to those with physical disabilities. You can also turn the swing into a kinky accessory-- add some ankle and wrist cuffs and poof, now you have the making of a BDSM adventure. With these new furniture pieces ranging from $150-$350, this is one investment worth making.

The Love Swing introduced us to a lightweight, adjustable swing with cushioned straps for support under the butt and across the back and is also fully equipped with handy adjustable stirrups. If you decide to try the stand with your swing, it is quick to assemble and easy to store. It holds up to 400 pounds and some models have the ability to convert into a bondage tool for a little alternative fore-play. Recently, an updated version was released featuring full back support and a longer support bar above the head to give it a hammock like appearance. The biggest advantage of sex swings, sex chairs and inflatable slanted pillows is that they allow maximum flexibility with minimal strain on the body.

When you think about all the crazy poses your bodies hold during sex it is understandable that you can get cramps in your toes, legs, back, everywhere. Not to say that getting a massage after sex isn't great, it shouldn't be because you put your back out trying the pile driver position. Christmas is coming and if you are shopping for the one who has everything consider this gift a good idea that not only benefits you and your partner, but opens the doors to a whole new sexual adventure. In the words of Rise Against, just get out there and "Swing Life Away."