Sharp Edges letter campaign

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Recently, the Gauntlet received a barrage of letters from a group on campus, all of whom objected to a negative critique in last week's paper. While we welcome dialogue with our readers, as students we must both appreciate and critically think about all sides of an issue.

The largest criticism attacked our mere suggestion that a campus organization might be flawed. One of the Gauntlet's mandates is to cover campus events and news, however, we are under no obligation to come out in support of campus organizations, arts or otherwise.

Both as students and faculty of a university, we have a responsibility to maintain academic autonomy and integrity. A critique, especially a positive one, will lose all credibility if we forget this and give praise for the sake of praise. Furthermore, a critique from a writer not particularly well-versed in an obscure subject matter isn't irresponsible--realistically, it represents the campus audience.





To those people who believe that feelings should be spared then do not read this...

If you think that crying about a review from a paper is bad, then I guess show biz is not for you. After all actors, directors and all sorts of other people in show biz, have to put up with critizem about there work everyday. Do you think Jennifer Anniston or Brad Pitt can infulence what the New York Times Thinks about there latest movie? I think not, I agree with the review and I hope the Gateway continues to produce articles that have honest opionions.