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Dear Da Shredder,

Re: Union Issues,

As you are without a doubtedly aware, morale on da ground dese days has gone to a shitter. Never before has so much of da troops wanted to not do da stuff you say and I personally find dis to be an issue, I dunno if you'se agrees.

You seem like a smart enough armored ninja dude, so I am gonna put dis to you as best I can what with my inhibited mental capable abilities.

We have a list of demands that all of da sentient troops (Rocksteady) have voted on, and we figger dese are maybe some things dat you maybe should lissen to if you want us to not take some action like maybe a strike or just being malcontented and shit.

First, maybe you wants ta put a bathroom on dis wacky technodrome, 'cause some of us gots ta pee sometimes (mostly Rocksteady).

Second, I know dey're robots, but ain't dey still a human bein'? Some of da foot clan guys is sayin' you'se is unnecessarily harsh to dem and you should maybe be nice... I dunno.


Bebop Carruthers Coltrane

Union Rep for da Foot Clan (and Rocksteady ;-))