Spun: The Deep Dark Woods

The Place I Left Behind

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As soon as I began listening to Th e Deep Dark Woods, I was instantly hooked.

This album sounds distinctively diff erent from other albums of the alternative country genre, although it's hard to figure out why. Perhaps it's the simple lyrics, or the rich vocals of the lead singer Ryan Boldt. Maybe it's the perfect blend of piano and banjo, or the melancholy undertone that reverberates throughout the album. Whatever it is, the Saskatchewan-based band has got it absolutely right with this one.

The title track is easily the best among the lot, with powerful background vocals and a wide variety of accompanying instruments- a bluegrass-style mixture. Songs such as "The Ballad of Frank Dupree" and "Back Alley Blues" deserve special mention for their simple yet powerful lyrics. One interesting thing is that each song tells us a different story, with emotional themes lurking behind it- sounds cheesy, but to their credit, the band has pulled this off spectacularly. What's even better is that they have

achieved all this without appearing to try too hard.

The album ends with "Oh, What a Life," a title perfect for the last song. Mark my words, folks, this band is here to stay.