Spun: Hunger Hush

Hot & Cold Air

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Hunger Hush are destined for radio. The three slick tracks from the Calgarian group's newest EP Hot & Cold Air go down as easily as candy. Each song is punchy, catchy and unapologetically pop-rock, but who says that is a bad thing? Not every band is destined to sit at home and ponder the turbulent nature of human morality. Although sometimes a bit of vapid cheerfulness can be refreshing, don't expect these tracks to find their way into coffee shops anytime soon.

Though they often tiptoe along the fine line between traditional and cliche, the songs are not meant to alter the face of music as we know it. Hunger Hush instead offers easily digestible anthems for the reckless abandon of teenage summers. Recorded with local icon Lorrie Matheson, all the tracks are perfectly polished and the band itself seems highly energetic and youthfully exuberant. Put this all together and Hunger Hush seem determined to make it to the top.

Thematically, the tracks are not plumbing the depths of the human condition. Rather, the songs are fighting in a separate weight class -- featherweight, if you will. Breezy and fun, this trio of tracks will surely impress many and will hopefully spur Hunger Hush into branching out into a bit more complex subject matter. One can only handle so much sugar.