Spun: Jay Crocker


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Jay Crocker is not just a multi-instrumentalist. On his latest release, Co-Stars, he has expanded his credits to include production. The 10-track album is avant-garde, to say the least. From the opening track "Super Disease," we get to hear his invigorating experimentation at its best. Reminiscent of the Turtles with distortion, the song boldy declares that what follows will not be Top 40 hits.

Produced in a fully analogue studio, this album proves that not every song needs auto-tune. It is clear from beginning to end that Co-Stars was an idea born in a place close to Crocker's heart. It sounds as if it was more fun to make then it is to listen to. Crocker woos his audience with multiple harmonies, and a post-rock style that will impress even the most hardened critic.

At times, his music is similar to that of Battles and other post-rock bands. At other times his music descends from a more technical plateau to become reminiscent of childhood memories, especially on tracks like "Della Be Della."

Jay Crocker is evidence the Calgary music scene is not dead.  

Tristan Taylor