Tropical Foundation
(Independent Release)

Spun: Jay J. Fresh

Tropical Foundation

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Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, look out Calgary it's Jay J. time. Jay J. Fresh is the sickest, dopest, most illin' Cow-tizzown rapper arizzound. He's the baddest gee on the mean streets of the C-dot. His beats are mind blowing-- they're so hot they sound like default FruityLoops samples. Jay J.'s flow is a fresh face in the over-produced world of rap. It sounds like it's been through some computer beat-sampling program! Usually producers at least try to toss a few more samples and beat loops on a track, but not our gee Jay J.

The stand-out track for Jay J. has got to be "Music is My Love." Rapping over a funky beat, he sings about how, "music is his life" and is "his love." Such insight from Jay J! Songs like this are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to hear a true auteur work his magic!

This album is actually pretty awful. It's nice that James Hampshire, the man behind the Jay J. Fresh moniker, is trying to make music. This kind of music, though, is not good. It could be redeemable if it was charming, like Daniel Johnston's work. It certainly isn't.

This is the saddest example of white boy reggae and R&B ever. The lyrics reek of amateurism with interchangeable lines from every goddamn love song made in the past 10 years making an appearance. For example, on the track "Woman I Love You", there's such gems like "Woman, I love you / and I need you / I just can't imagine life without you."