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Spun: Kalle Mattson

Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold

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This collection of upbeat and emotive folk-rock music has a huge variation of track backgrounds, ranging from hard and fast drum rhythms to soft piano sets to electronic background notes. It showcases Kalle Mattson’s eclectic musical style. The songs on the album continually flip between having a strong steady beat, with energetic hooks and solid determined vocals and softer tracks where Mattson’s lyrics take centre stage and the world seems to go quiet while you listen to his story. Mattson’s music has a charming and enveloping quality to it, his lyrics absorb you into the music and the instrumentals keep you engaged and focused.

One of the opening tracks, “The Living and the Dead,” blends together a steady drum beat with a soft, barely noticeable guitar harmony, with Mattson’s vocals occupying the middle melodic ranges, bringing the song together into classic folk style. “Hurt People Hurt People” is a sharp divergence from the somber mood shared by most of the album with a punctuated percussion hook and snappy guitar riffs. Mattson wraps up his album with the soft-spoken song “Amelie,” which begins with a smooth guitar melody, and slowly elevates from there as he puts more spirit into his vocals.

Someday, The Moon Will Be Gold is indie folk rock-esque music that’s a little more energetic than expected, and although the moon isn’t gold yet, this album shines brilliantly. Each track has its own distinct sound, yet the album comes together into a well refined package. Mattson blends his lyrics together seamlessly with the drums and guitar, accented by trumpet or soft piano into something that is captivating.