On a Clear Night

Spun: Missy Higgins

On a Clear Night

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On her sophomore release, On a Clear Night, Missy Higgins makes an admirable attempt at convincing the listener that she's putting forward something new, but unfortunately most of the time she's just treading well-worn ground.

Higgins has already been billed as "Australia's Vanessa Carlton" and that label seems appropriate for the first half of the album, where she sticks mostly to straight-ahead pop ballads. She sounds like a dead ringer for Sarah McLachlan at times, further accentuating the feeling that the first seven or so songs on the album aren't anything new. She even goes as far to convey she's worried more about sounding pretty than really belting out the songs.

The album finally turns around with "Angela," which has a folky sound that is more interesting than the album's straight-forward pop blah. Acoustic guitar replaces piano, and banjo and mandolin are well-integrated on the track. She carries across the last four tracks, which actually make for a compelling listen. Her voice seems sharper and she demands your attention.

On a Clear Night isn't necessarily bad per se, but lacks originality. It seems as though Missy Higgins could have a good, if less lucrative, career as a folk artist. Still, considering the popularity that she has garnered in Australia, it's not a surprise that she's chosen mostly to pursue the pop route.





Missy's album is INCREDIBLE..infact both of them are AMAZING you dont know a good talent when you hear one! common! you cant tell me that Britney Spears is talented?? or Paris Hilton is talented?? because they sure as hell couldnt create an album as fantastic as this, yes i am from australia and i'm just being bias because she is from my country and i am one of her biggest fans but honestly america you dont even know what a great album is. You say it lacks originality? I dont understand why it lacks originality but you are so wrong, if you heard missy's stories maybe you would actually see that it has a great amount of origninality! She's not trying to change herself for everyone, she is keeping her true self in these songs and she is doing a great job at it! And shes treading well- worn ground?? Did you not listen to the sound of white?!? did she not try to grow on her next album? to produce something different from what she was going through at the time??? YES SHE DID and i know this because i have seen her play live 7 times and met her 4 times and have asked her these questions myself. This great music that you call "pop blah" is nothing but the opposite. It is a masterpiece. I know you don't really mean it the way that I am writing but I just wanted to put my opinion out there to let you guys know how incredible she is and how fantastic her next album will be, all artists say that the 2nd album is always the hardest because it could never live up to the first one but Missy done a great job!

Agreed - she's an amazing artist and a breath of fresh air from these fake American artists . . . and I say that as an American.