Spun: Rammstein

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Sie lieben Rammstein! Volkerball is an überfantastic CD/DVD combo that will stomp all ears with auditory jack-boots. The CD, ein live konzert in Nimes, France, is just what anyone familiar with Rammstein has come to expect, and just what any fan of theirs has come to enjoy.

Executed with competent sound quality considering the live recording, Volkerball contains 16 of Rammstein's hits in all their sinister German glory. The tracks show an acceptable amount of diversity, and sustained energy that verges on terminally enthusiastic. Deep, guttural lyrics and heavy-hitting guitar characterize this compilation, as well as the music that has made them famous--well, sort of famous--in Europe.

Live footage is included from shows in London, Tokyo and Moscow on the bonus DVD, complemented with explosive displays of pyrotechnics that turn the stage into an epileptic's nightmare. The DVD also contains a short clip of the making of the album Reise, and an hour-long documentary Anakonda im Netz, an unintentionally hilarious short doc that recalls Spinal Tap. The only way the extras could get funnier is if the script was run through babelfish. The Germans may not be all smiles und sunshine, but the glimpses of Rammstein relaxing definitely make Volkerball worth a look.