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The Royal Oui

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Vancouver’s Ari Shine and Adrienne Pierce come together to form The Royal Oui. The pair’s self-titled album is a follow up to their Forecast EP. Shine and Pierce create a true-to-folk journey through love with a romantic and melodic feel. Both bring extensive musical experience to the table, which is more than evident in their songwriting and harmonizing throughout the album.

The album starts off with “Sirensong,” a song that is a little less folk than expected with electric guitar riffs and an intriguing melody that introduces the harmonious blend of Shine and Pierce’s voices. “True,” which The Royal Oui recently released a music video for, is quiet and romantic. “Dirty Snow” puts a sound to what it’s like to spend a winter’s day inside with your love. Shine and Pierce, who married in 2008, give us a glimpse into their relationship with “I’ll Meet You” and “Give Up The Ghost.” Tambourine, guitar and vocals come together in “The Real Thing,” the most upbeat and energetic song in the album. The journey ends with “Montauk (This Is The End)” which must be one of the least angry and most melodic breakup songs out there.

The Royal Oui gives us a great debut in this album, which showcases both their talent as individuals and a duo. The vibe of a true folk album and their pleasant vocals make this album an easy listen. If you’re looking to pick up a copy, it is available on Indiegogo. With your purchase you have the opportunity to pledge some cash to help The Royal Oui fund their North American tour. With each pledge, the band donates 10 per cent to the SPCA, so you can pick up a great album and feel good about it too.