Stör reopens with new options

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After months of renovations, Stör reopened on September 10. Stör is larger and will now be selling healthier food options.

Currently, there are few products within the store, but as the weeks go on it will be at capacity with new options.

“There is a small amount of product in Stör right now, but we are expanding our fresh food selection,” said University of Calgary Students’ Union vice-president operations and finance Scott Weir.

Weir said the goal of Stör is to provide students with affordable and convenient food options on campus.

“It’s the closest thing we have to a convenience or grocery store on campus. It’s run by the SU and all of the prices are at the bare minimum,” said Weir. “Food costs are a big thing students bring up, and with the Stör, we put the prices barely above what it costs us to buy items, so that we are able to provide food to students as affordably and conveniently as possible.”

An issue that developed before the renovations took place was the loss club space. Weir said consultations took place to ensure this loss of space would be handled appropriately.

“It was used by four main clubs on a regular basis, so what we did prior to that is consult with those clubs individually as well as the other clubs, and we decided to make Hamlet, one of the conference rooms, a space they could use with all the same facilities they needed,” said Weir.

Weir said Stör is also beneficial because it gives many students on-campus employment and it is open late during the school year.

According to fourth-year biology student Jen Bae, Stör is a great option for students.

“I like it more, because of the larger selection,” said Bae. “It is cheaper than going to other stores too.”

Discussions are still underway regarding bringing a debit machine into Stör.