Starving art students no more

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When summer weather and artistic students collide, almost anything can happen. A massive park sale will be held on campus this month to promote student art in Calgary.

"The park sale is a collaboration between ACAD and University of Calgary students to create an event where students sell their art and promote themselves as designers," said park sale co-ordinator Kara Chomistek.

The park sale will allow artistically minded students from post-secondary institutions to sell their artwork. Students will sell paintings, photos, clothing and jewelry. The event will feature live music, a DJ school, graffiti demonstrations and free popsicles.

"The main idea behind this event provides students with the opportunity to sell their work without having to pay a fee," said Chomistek. "Most art sale vendors need to give a portion of their sales to charity or to the event co-ordinators. We wanted to create an event for artistic students where it wasn't going to cost them any money."

Many artists become discouraged from selling their work at most art sales because they cannot make enough profit when vendor fees are involved. Chomistek explained that independent artists in the U.S. are starting to host yard sales to avoid these fees.

"I thought it was a neat concept and thought it would be neat to bring it to Calgary, but with a bit of a twist," said Chomistek. "I wanted to incorporate an artistic side to it and make it more of a student run event."

The sale will run from 1–6 p.m. on June 28 in the field between the engineering complex and ICT. More information is available at