Studentsí Union end of year reviews: Events

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Richard Freeman took over as vice-president events last Aug. when then VP events Eric Jablonski left for medical school. From there, he kept things rolling until he was able to follow his own platform when elected in the Oct. byelection. Despite having big shoes to fill, Freeman proved himself up to the challenge.

He was adept at planning attention-grabbing spectacles for the SU awareness weeks. Fine Arts Awareness Week saw many installations around MacEwan Hall, Black History Month featured an array of performers with a live graffiti demonstration that has become a permanent part of That Empty Space and Oil Sands Awareness Week featured an eye-catching display and a Toxic Alberta documentary screening. Freeman also worked on winter events--Nog Fest and Whiteout--which were quite successful and may become annual traditions.

Arguably the centrepieces of Freeman's year were That Empty Space and the credit card protest. That Empty Space was filled to the brim with people keen to hear good music from a wide array of artists representing many different genres. The SU also held a well attended (for so early in the morning) credit card protest, which he organized.

If there's a complaint to be had about Freeman, it's that sometimes he seemed to be fighting the wrong battle. Despite a heavy push for students to head down to the Den on Fri. nights, bolstered by cheap drinks and DJs, the night still remains hidden in Thursden's shadow. The heavy promotional effort for the credit card rally is also commendable, but an event held so early in the morning seemed destined to only be so successful.

Regardless of criticisms, Freeman delivered the goods as VP events. His events were typically well planned and well promoted.