Michael Grondin/the Gauntlet

Students ask clubs to show their stuff

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Gig Club president Jon Carpino is organizing a two-day Clubs Expo this March to give student groups the chance to show campus exactly what they do.

The expo will feature presentations in the MacHall courtyards from clubs who hope to recruit new members and create new connections on campus.

“There is not a lot of unity between clubs,” Carpino said. “[The expo] would increase attention to what clubs do and give us an outlet to showcase all of our accomplishments over the year.”

Students’ Union vice-president student life Ben Cannon threw his support behind the idea.

“The SU wants to support [expos] like this whenever we can,” Cannon said. “It’s good to see an assortment of clubs wanting to collaborate on a bigger event.”

Cannon suggested that each club be granted 15 minutes or so to showcase their skills and explain what they are all about.

He offered advice for clubs with interests difficult to show-off, like political and academic clubs.

“Appeal to the thing that got you interested in the club in the first place when you are presenting,” Cannon said. “For, say, a political club, I would suggest presenting a piece of auditory or something that harkens back to your history.”