Students' Union end of year reviews: Academic

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Students' Union vice-president academic Brittany Sargent has completed many projects with little praise this past year. Her position requires many private meetings which also lead to her lack of recognition, but her work has been very beneficial to students.

Sargent began her term by re-working the Students' Academic Association policy framework, making it easier and clearer for future members to initiate action. SAA consists of Sargent and 13 other members, meaning she has the largest number of elected officials to manage of all the portfolios. She also increased accessibility of SU resources to students through the SUperbook which explained the appeal process as well as registration and exams.

Sargent helped with events such as the Undergraduate Research Symposium and DeStress Days for both semesters. The Research Symposium displayed the efforts of young students while teaching them the skills to present their research later on.

Despite Sargent's efforts, the Online Exam Bank was not set up this year. She is hoping to see it up and running for Fall 2008, but the struggles for clubs hoping to sell the exams for income kept the bank from opening up earlier. More pressure on administration and compromise with The University of Calgary Faculty Association may have helped to see this project completed sooner.

Sargent was successful in maintaining student rights and delegating the responsibilities of so many people.