Courtney Haigler/the Gauntlet

SU Reviews: President Dalmy Baez

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Students' Union president Dalmy Baez is not your run-of-the-mill dragon, stomping around and burninating the countryside. In fact, Baez has been doing her best to help the peasants -- er, students -- as much as she can this past year.

Baez started a lot of new initiatives for the SU this year. She worked on the Governance Review to make the SU more accountable to students and organized a leadership conference for active campus members, a new event she hopes will continue. The conference brought the SU closer to club executives, something she listed as a goal in her platform. Orientation was also a success with the SU regaining access to U of C 101 and working with clubs to get students involved.

Students had a lot of say at tuition consultation, where SU members held a two-day event to see what students wanted if tuition increased. Unfortunately, the recommendations didn't play a very big part in the finished product. Baez said that if she could re-do the year, she would have given other officials more time to have their say before passing the end result on to administration.

Students' opinions were also brushed aside when Campus Pro-Life set up their controversial display and lost their club status.

As president, Baez oversaw the other executives. She said herself, as have many others, that delegation was an issue at the beginning of her term. But as she had more time to work with her VPs, sharing the workload and making sure everyone was doing their bit got easier. You really can't expect one person to burn all those villages.

Overall, Baez was faced with some very challenging situations, but managed to pull through with as much grace as any lumbering dragon should.





Considering the same debacle that is currently playing out at Carleton....

I\'m still confounded that Baez got away with her tenuous \"Campus Pro-Life\" de-certification, justified (asininely) by an imagined demographic of Jewish people on campus that may be offended. I still can\'t get over how a \"union\" sold one of their clubs (comprised of members that pay dues to the union every semester) down the river based on ideology.

I\'m amazed that no one in the S\"U\"-aside from Teale-stood up to Baez on this, but I\'m not surprised the Gauntlet, supposedly a symbol of the free exchange of (liberal) ideas, didn\'t seem too bothered by this non-representation of undergraduate students & censorship. Neither am I perplexed that a Baez apologist like Azuelos (why is she writing a review on her?) said this purely ideological decision was nothing more than an oversight; a flawed, but innocuous brushing aside of students\' opinions.

Baez was lucky that the members of the CPL didn\'t have much charisma or the willingness to seek out the media to the same extent the Carleton CPL is. She\'s also lucky that the one journalist in the Gauntlet assigned to most SU matters didn\'t seem too irked by anything bad Baez did (if she even noticed), but was agogic at any type of a completed project (a.k.a.: \'an achievement\') that Baez, or the \"union\", pushed.